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Lolita (1997) | වැඩිහිටියන්ට පමණයි චිත්‍රපටි | Erotic Movie Review| Explained in Sinhala

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#lolita_1997 #Erotic_Movie #movie_review #වැඩිහිටියන්ට_පමණයි #movie_explained ##sinhala_wal_katha #film_hub_sinhala Lolita (1997) | Erotic Movie Revie...

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#lolita_1997 #Erotic_Movie #movie_review #වැඩිහිටියන්ට_පමණයි #movie_explained ##sinhala_wal_katha #film_hub_sinhala

Lolita (1997) | Erotic Movie Review | වැඩිහිටියන්ට පමණයි චිත්‍රපටි| Explained in Sinhala

In early adolescence, Humbert fell hopelessly and tragically in love with a girl his own age, and, as he grew into adulthood, he never lost his obsession with "nymphets," teenagers who walk a fine line between being a girl and a woman. While looking for a place to live after securing a new teaching position, he meets Charlotte Haze (Melanie Griffith), a pretentious and annoying woman who seems desperately lonely and is obviously attracted to Humbert. Humbert pays her little mind until he meets her 13-year-old daughter Lolita (Dominique Swain), the image of the girl that Humbert once loved. Humbert moves into the Haze home as a boarder and eventually marries Charlotte in order to be closer to Lolita. When Charlotte finds out about Humbert's attraction to her daughter, she flees the house in a rage, only to be killed in an auto accident. Without telling Lolita of her mother's fate, Humbert takes her on a cross-country auto trip, where their relationship begins to move beyond the traditional boundaries of stepfather and step-daughter..

අවුරුදු 50ක් පමණ වන හැම්බර්ට් කියලා මහාචාර්යවරයෙකු හා තමාට වඩා වයසින් ගොඩාක් බාල පුංචි කෙල්ලෙක් අතර ඇති වන ආදර සම්බන්ධයක් ගැන තමයි මේ චිත්රපටියෙන් පෙන්වන්නේ.මේ පුංචි කෙල්ලගේ නම ලොලීටා. ලොලීටාට ලං වීමේ අදහසින් ඔහු ලොලීටාගේ අම්මාව කසාද බඳිනවා.

චිත්‍රපටියේ මොකද වෙන්නේ කියලා දැනගන්න කැමති නම් වීඩියෝ එක බලන්න. මගේ චැනල් එක subscribe කරන්න අමතක කරන්නත් එපා.

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