TRANSFORMERS 6: RISE OF THE UNICRON (2021) Trailer Concept Movie - Mark Wahlberg, Megan Fox

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►TRANSFORMERS 6: RISE OF THE UNICRON (2021) Trailer #Transformers6 #RiseOfUnicron #Concept Transformers 6 is a planned live action science fiction fil...

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#Transformers6 #RiseOfUnicron #Concept

Transformers 6 is a planned live action science fiction film in the Transformers Cinematic Universe that was originally scheduled to release on June 24, 2022. The film is the following sequel after the fifth Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight released in 2017 and Rise of Unicron will hopefully follow the plot of Quintessa, "The Great Deceiver" returning to Earth to claim the planet for herself and fool the Autobot and Decepticon races into submission. Unicron is the "ancestor" to the Transformers Race and claims to have created Cybertron and even Planet Earth, but only Hot Rod And The Matrix of Leadership 2.0 and To Become Rodimus Prime To awaken Primus and Defeat Unicron save the Universe.

It is still not confirmed whether the film will be going ahead as the rumours of Paramount Pictures announcing that they "pulled the plug on the 'seventh' Transformers film (after Bumblebee) was official" and decisions on a "Transformers Franchise reboot" is inevitable.

The studio is in development on two different projects: one by Mystery scribe James Vanderbilt and the other by John Wick Chapter 3 Ep and Army of the scribe Joby Harold. The Vanderbilt project, from what we’ve heard, is based on Transformers spinoff Beast Wars which are robots that transform into robotic animals like Cheetor (Cheetah), Optimus Primal (Gorilla), Rhinox (Rhinoceros) and more. The other is reportedly in the Bumblebee universe. It’s not definite yet which one will make it to production.

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